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The Clark Sisters

One of the most recognized names in Gospel music, the Clark Sisters are considered the most important female Gospel groups of all times. Their stylish singing has been studied in schools and emulated by popular, jazz, R&B, as well as Gospel artists. Furthermore, the foundation of Gospel choral singing is attributed directly to their mother, the late Mattie Moss Clark, who trained the sisters. Their lives have been chronicled in the Lifetime movie The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel. Having worked with the ladies over the years, Dr. Panion has orchestrated a significant number of their classic tunes made famous as a group as well many of their individual hits for performances with them and the symphony orchestra, including, pictured here, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Concerts with the the Clark Sisters, Dr. Panion, and symphony orchestra, are available for program consideration.

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Clark Sisters 4 for Web.jpeg

The Clark Sisters, Dr. Henry Panion, and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.

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