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Ruben Studdard

American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard and Dr. Henry Panion, III have been teaming up since shortly after Ruben became the 2nd winner on American Idol. Ruben refers to Dr. Panion as his mentor, and Dr. Panion affectionally calls Ruben his little brother. With both being Birminghamians and both holding undergraduate degrees from Alabama A & M, their bond as friends and colleagues has long been cemented. They have collaborated on both recordings and in live concerts, from sold out performances with the Honolulu Symphony in Hawaii to numerous appearances with orchestras in their home state of Alabama, to celebrated productions for television, such as Ruben's interpretation of the Sam Cooke classic "A Change is Gonna Come," performed here on PBS. Dr. Panion has orchestrated Ruben's new show "Ruben Sings Luther" which is available for consideration with full symphony orchestra. Click here to listen to Dr. Panion's arrangement of the Luther Vandross Classic Hit "If Only for One Night."


Click to view music video of the Luther Vandross Classic "If Only For One Night," with lush strings arranged, conducted and produced by Dr. Panion.

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