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Pastor Mike, Jr.

Currently one of the hottest sensations in the Gospel industry, Pastor Mike, Jr. has racked up an unprecedented 11 Stellar Awards in just a couple of years. Working out of Dr. Panion's Audiostate 55 Recording Studio to produce his top Billboard-charting hits, "Big" and "Amazing," these powerful numbers have been orchestrated for full symphony orchestra as seen here with Pastor Mike, Jr., Dr. Panion, and the World Games 2022 Ceremony Orchestra at the Closing Ceremony of the World Games 2022. Check out the performance here. Pastor Mike. Jr. and Dr. Panion are teaming up to provide an opportunity for other communities to experience this phenomenal artists. As the lyrics to his mega hit states, "It's gonna be Big." 

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Pastor Mike, Jr. with Dr. Henry Panion and the World Games 2022 Ceremony Orchestra perform a medley of his hits. Check it out here.

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