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India Arie

This four-time Grammy-winning songbird has been collaborating with Dr. Panion on a number of different concerts and presentation over the last five years, each different in many ways but all having one thing in common, an overwhelmingly enthusiastic sold-out audience of appreciative music lovers. India's beautiful songs combined with Dr. Panion's lush orchestral arrangements have created another rare and unique formula for orchestra associations across America are noticing, including performances with the Nashville Symphony, Tuscaloosa Symphony, and the National  Symphony


"Under the direction of Maestro Henry Panion, III, Ph.D., NSO, additional musicians and vocalists accompanied Arie, taking her best-loved songs to a higher level......Arie and Panion had an infectious synergy." --Brenda C. Siler, The Washington Informer

"With the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by award-winning conductor Henry Panion III by her side, the next ninety minutes was a journey I was proud to witness before my eyes and my ears." --Dean Rogers, The Rogers Revue

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Henry Panion conducting the Nashville Symphony with India Arie

India Arie with Dr. Henry Panion
and the Nashville Symphony

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