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Dorinda Clark-Cole

From one of the most recognized names in Gospel music comes a stellar solo artists whose style and phrasing of singing has dubbed her among the most powerfully-unique voices in the industry. Though remaining true to the sound crafted by singing for so many years with here famous sisters, The Clark Sisters, and her legendary mother, Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, Dorinda's ability to blend jazz runs like Ella Fitzgerald, soulful riffs like Aretha Franklin, and Gospel emotions like Mahalia Jackson have made her truly a special voice among so many that must be heard. Dr. Panion has said that "in all of her singing, I have never heard Dorinda sing a single note that wasn't place perfectly as it should be or one that was sung without the upmost purpose and intention." Dorinda has appeared with Dr. Panion on several occasions with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and in upcoming performances with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

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Dorinda Panion ASO.jpeg

Dorinda Clark-Cole with Dr. Henry Panion and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and Gospel Chorus

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